Trenton, New Jersey

Erik Greener

Erik Greener

Erik Greener is a Senior Signal Designer with a national railroad company. In this role he designs signal systems and all related circuitry, working with his team to efficiently collaborate, share thoughts and ideas, and reference any required documentation so ongoing and future projects can be accurately completed.

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Commuting to work, school, social events or out-of-town functions, through public transportation is a concept that is often met with an air of contempt. Schedules for buses, trains, trolleys, and light rails must be considered, ensuring that the timetables are compatible with yours. In all likelihood, you’ll be forced to start your commute earlier than you’d prefer, if…

Erik Greener was born in Hamilton, New Jersey. He attended the township’s public school system and throughout the years tried to stay focused to successfully finish with a high school diploma. While in high school, he took part in a vocational program for computer systems and networking. Greener still lives in his hometown…

Guitars have a magnetic effect about them. In a store or on a stage, they invariably stand out and it is no surprise that they have become the second most popular instrument in America. However, unlike some instruments which have few differences between brands, guitars come in a variety of styles that are often unique to the brand.

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Erik Greener is a talented Senior Signal Designer in Trenton, New Jersey. Interested in connecting with Erik? Submit a contact form and he’ll be in touch as soon as possible.