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Erik Greener

Erik Greener is a Senior Signal Designer from Trenton, New Jersey. He has worked with a national railroad company since he graduated high school. In a series of blogs and interviews, Erik shares his professional achievements and the lessons he has learned throughout his career thus far.

Q&A with Erik Greener

Erik Greener was born in Hamilton, New Jersey. He attended the township’s public school system and throughout the years tried to stay focused to successfully finish with a high school diploma.

Erik Greener Outlines Exciting Trends In the Rail Transportation Industry

When it comes to the rail transportation industry, the future is here. New advances are making the railway a safer and more ...

Why college isn’t for everyone: Erik Greener shares alternative paths to success

There’s a consensus that seems to favor having a college degree if one is to be successful in life. Some statistics even support this popular belief in the value of higher education. According to ...

Five Best-Selling Guitars of the 20th Century

Guitars have a magnetic effect about them. In a store or on a stage, they invariably stand out and it is no surprise that they have become the second most popular instrument in America.

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